kak izbavitsya ot pryshej - vse o lechenii akne - hotite uznat kak izbavitsya ot pryshej, ugrej ili akne, pochemu oni poyavlyautsya i kak ih predotvratit? na nashem sajte vy najdete otvety na eti voprosy.

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  • Possible fruit acid peeling at home? - What is a peeling with fruit acids, as carried out the procedure in the salon and at home, and what contra-indications they have?

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  • Lisas2urn - Great oven horrible customer service

    Be very careful when placing your order for a Nuwave! They believe it is the customers responsibility to pay for return of the product regardless of the circumstances. I have bought several nu-wave product items and spent a lot of money. Customer service agent "Kordia" has refused to help pretty much blaming me for there error. I am surprised that with the superior customer service that Amazon provides that they would deal with this company.

  • Crews Family - If you are looking to get the perfect shape for your face

    If you are looking to get the perfect shape for your face, this is the tool for you. It also comes in a nice little box, with a business card. I love that it is flexible, and easy to use. It is made of a thin plastic material. It makes line ups easy, simple and perfect shape. It also fits great along my face due to the thinness and flexibility if offers. I am so glad I got this. I have had so many issues with trying to line up my beard. I got to the point that I just decided I wouldn't mess with it anymore. With the warm weather we have had this takes away a lot of the issues you have with a big thick beard, it makes it a lot easier to shave again. I would definitely recommend this tool to other. Great deal for the price offered.

  • Bryan J. Cohen - does what it says

    I have a 1997 Chevy Blazer that marks it's turf like an old AMF Harley-Davidson. I want to avoid spending a ton of money on getting the seals fixed but on the other hand I am tired of seeing little puddles under my truck i nthe driveway.

  • L West - love this stuff!

    I feel like it's purging my system and my gut. Be aware though that it might make you break out because of the toxins it's moving out. I take it as a good sign though. I started taking it for my hair- it felt as though it's been falling out extremely quickly. My friend recommended this and I took a bottle of the softgels and couldn't really feel a difference until I finished the pills and didn't get any more. I started breaking out a lot. I spoke to same friend and looked it up on the internet and turns out the oil is meant for your skin too and so I got more black seed oil but in the liquid form. This time, whether imagined or real, I feel like it made an immediate difference on my hair. My scalp is happier, my hair does not feel like it is thinning anymore and I'm hoping it will start to thicken again. I also changed shampoos- I shopped (on Amazon) for a sulfate free shampoo/conditioner that was reasonably priced and got Dermorganics argan oil products and am very happy with them. If any of these issues sound like problems you are having, I would try the oil out. I'm very happy with it. Forgot to mention, my friend mixes it in things she is drinking. Don't do that, it tastes strong. I just take a spoon of it and it's easy to swallow.

  • SoaSoaS - The holes line up and it's very sturdy considering the price

    Instructions could be a little bigger, but assembly isn't difficult. It's a one-hour job for one person, but probably would go much faster with two. You'll need two wrenches to put it together - no tools are included. The holes line up and it's very sturdy considering the price.