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  • Back Road - Feeling stretched thin

    Who at your company thinks they should use a rubber for the tether that cannot withstand fuel? Within one month the fuel vapors have elongated the rubber so that it doesn't hold the cap. The cap does work, just not the tether. Maybe next time they'll hire a design engineer to create the specifications.

  • Megan - Much more comfortable to store our family's AK-47s in too

    I like to shut myself and my Bachelor's and Master's degree up in this binder at night along with my fourteen years of professional experience and technical acumen. But I didn't realize till last night how dangerous my family truly is, since I am a single mom. Now that I know, I also put all of our guns in the binder. It's a tight squeeze, so I may eventually need to upgrade our binder, but I'm so glad to be contributing to American society as best I can!

  • Matt H. - Best wireless gaming/internet browsing mouse to date. Only from Logitech.

    Still getting used to it compared to my G700 that I've used for so many years. It's not "as" ergonomic as my G700 since the G700 is a righty mouse and the G900 is for either hand. But the G900 is lighter and better balanced as far as weight goes.. Also better sensor and longer battery life in the G900.

  • CJFletch - I can hardly walk today

    This machine take a MINIMAL amount of balance and corridation. If you aren't able to do it, you probably shouldn't be walking around on your own. I'm a competitive soccer player so I'm already in pretty decent shape, but after just one 15 minute workout my entire body is so sore I can hardly walk today. Abs, chest, shoulders, butt, hamstrings, I can feel it everywhere. Definately the best, fastest and easiest workout I've tried so far. And DEFINATELY worth the price.

  • Amazon Customer - Meeting Expectations

    I am a beginner. I was looking for a starter mat that has some extra thickness but not so thick that I can't connect to the floor. I was also, looking for something that has a nice tacky feel. I appreciate the thickness and easy cleaning. I also, purchased the Gaiam Hemp Yoga Mat Sling and it fits great rolled up in it even when I loosely roll the mat. The mat isn't overly heavy either which is nice when moving it from place to place.

  • marty - Excellent Gentle Exfoliator

    Use it gently, rinse well with tepid water, pat dry, give skin about 5 minutes then apply any other product you may want to use. Great product for men too.