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  • Amazon Customer - No time lag, no problems! Have bought 2 so far...

    Bought my second one last week and am purchasing 3 more for Christmas gifts. Paired with bluetooth speakers or earbuds, this setup can easily replace the TV Ears. No more sore ears or wearing gigantic headphones just to hear Doc Martin. Works with every speaker I've tried. You might need to switch the speaker setting on your TV to External Speaker or Audio Out (via the remote) when watching Amazon Prime or Netflix. No big deal. The Miccus Home transmitter/receiver is awesome!

  • S_Allen - Great for Trips

    We were going to World's and Ocena's of Fun. I got these so we didn't have to worry about phones getting wet and didn't have to worry as much about them getting lost. They were great, my phone was under water several times and didn't get any water on it at all. I could take pictures with it inside the bag. We kept getting asked where we got them. I think people were hoping the park was selling them. That would be a great idea actually. You can talk and text too but texting is more of a challenge and sometimes it's hard to understand people when talking.

  • mira1014 - Youtube recomendation

    My daughter got this after watching a youtube video about spraying shoes. She got new white converse for school and sprayed them and they still look brand new 8 weeks later! She sprayed them on the porch which now has a spot that is wather proof with a shoe outline! Next time news paper will definatly be put down first.

  • Brandi - Loved it.

    My eyelashes are growing!!!! I've always had very short unnoticeable eyelashes, but they are finally starting to fill in really thick and are longer then ever! I'm happy!