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  • gjandrjsmom - Love this vacuum!

    I had to comment after buying this vacuum. I read all the reviews and decided to try it. I'm replacing an Oreck, so size and weight are very important. But I also wanted something powerful. I was ready to get a Bissell Healty Home Vac (after reading the reviews) until I saw it in the store. It is huge. Our walmart had one of these left ($160) and I'm in love with my new vacuum. Does that sound bad? The suction is amazing, the attachments are so easy to use. My stairs have never looked better. I love the 2 settings for hard floors and carpets, very easy to switch between. Not as light as my Oreck, but probably as close as I'm going to get. It is very easy to get between things and under things, I'm vacuuming where I haven't vacuumed in a long time! And my carpets and stairs look so fluffy. Emptying the dust cup is very easy, I just use a plastic shopping bag and put it around the dust cup. I guess I can't say enough good things about this vacuum. You will not be disappointed.

  • A. Li - Amazing chopper, I own plenty of machetes and this ...

    Amazing chopper, I own plenty of machetes and this is one of the best for hard use. A bit rough around the edges, but perfect for the price!

  • Amazon Customer - This is the worst floor finish ever

    This is the worst floor finish ever. My wife followed the instructions perfectly. It shined nicely, but did not stay that way. By the next day it started to peel and looked like a thin layer pulling off the floor. She has a floor scrubber that she used to take it off. It plugged up the machine several times. It took over 10 times to get off. We checked the bottle again and I helped my wife follow the instructions because of the other reviews sere good. Same results. Next I called the manufacturer

  • magenta girl - Warning - cannot register this version to quicken account

    Follow up 4/26/2012: after a second email to quicken customer service. The second agent to reply told me not to worry about the emails warning me that I would lose online account update - that those warning emails were based on my copy of Quicken 2009 that I have registered in my quicken.com account. The first agent who replied to my inquiry must have not read the request carefully enough. It seems the only way to have your current Quicken version to show up in your quicken.com account is to purchase or upgrade through quicken.com. I'll know for sure that my online account update services will still be available when I try it after April 30. It would be more comforting to see my current version listed when I log into my quicken.com account.

  • reader531 - Great inexpensive device!

    I bought a lot of these (over time) for my classroom to replace those CD players and just loaded the audiobooks onto them. (One or two per player). Kids know how to use them, no extra "bells and whistles" I didn't want!

  • Vickyf0027 - Loved it!

    The highly anticipated 'Devil's Work' lived up to expectations! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mark Edwards is my favorite author. I can't wait for the next one!

  • Kathleen - Awesomeness !!!!

    Great goggle. Took it snowboard. Performed flawlessly. No foggings. Fits over my prescription glasses with ease. No obstructing views at all.