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Your Obedient Servant - This one time Ally told me I was strong and called me a princess and Dinah told me I was adorable. Where We Are Tour - 9/25/14 Prismatic World Tour - 10/8/14 Tattoo (Your Name) Tour - 12/4/14 1989...

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  • http://a-fangirl-at-heart.tumblr.com/post/152350927637/zamaron-flyandfamousblackgirls-felicity Your Obedient Servant - zamaron: “ flyandfamousblackgirls: “ Felicity Noire on getting her tea spilled by a cis woman ” this shit is literally dangerous like trans women get killed over this shit i hope that worker got...
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  • http://a-fangirl-at-heart.tumblr.com/post/152348327292/urfavblackgirl-i-am-a-proud-lurker-i-will-lurk Your Obedient Servant - urfavblackgirl: “ i am a proud lurker. i will lurk until my feelings get hurt, and once that happens i stop ”

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  • Happy girl - Great product!!! Lost 5 pounds in 1 week!!!

    I couldn't be happier with this product!!!! I need to lose 10 or 15 pounds and wanted to do it in a healthy way. This shake is great because not only is it delicious, but it is so nutritious! I ordered the vanilla and I have been using it to replace two meals per day. I still consume the recommended 1200 calories, by eating healthy snacks too (and working out) and have lost 5 pounds in a week!!! It fills me up for a few hours, but I definitely get a bit hungry, so that is when I'll have something healthy and low cal. I love that I don't have to purchase a ton of healthy food and count calories like crazy! This shake really makes it easy!!! So thrilled!!!!

  • Mister Fixit - My Garage Doors look like new again.

    I just finished applying this to my Garage Doors. They are about 16 years old and were very oxidized. I first washed them thoroughly to remove all the powdery oxidized paint. I then applied the product using one of the supplied microfiber cloths. I am glad that this was an outdoor project as the odor is quite strong. The finish looks like a new door. Time will tell as far as how well this will hold up, but I am very happy with the result at this point.

  • eyecandy999 - and it was recommended by someone who used it herself

    After about a week, my hair almost completely stopped shedding almost completely. Unfortunately, that effect lasted about 6 weeks and then the shedding resumed even though I have not missed a single day and take the supplements with a meal exactly as prescribed. I tried both taking all three capsules at once, and taking them one by one with meals. I was so excited that it had worked so well initially, and it was recommended by someone who used it herself. I cannot be the only person who has had this kind of temporary result, and for that reason I am finding it a little hard to believe all the glowing reviews I have read. Even the best products do not always work for everyone.

  • s.c. - Bubbled within 2 weeks

    Bubbled up on side within two weeks. Sent them email they said HALO affect and send pictures. I had to use a second phone and sent pics. Then they said HALO again but they offered a better one without Halo or refund. I said whatever you want just stop doing this back and forth emails. They sent me a refund. Previously on my iPhone 6 I had a glass I bought on Apple website. It never cracked or bubbled and there was no HALO.

  • Rita Vallette - Heather Graham is amazing!!!!

    I can not say enough about this book or this author!! Riveting story, spine tingling adventures and heart wrenching storylines. Can't wait for her next book!!