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  • pov15 - Nothing in a tube

    I have faithfully put "Idol lash" on as instructed both morning and evening for 4 weeks and can honestly say I see , "no change what so ever" to my lashes.

  • Becky Stull - just ok

    it has taken me forever just to get to the second city, Tokyo. Having to play every level so many times is a bit boring and only having 3 lives is frustrating.

  • Sam M - Isn't a study guide supposed to have study material????

    In an attempt to get ahead in college I discovered the CLEP tests and saw this study guide was much cheaper on Amazon. So I thought nothing of buying it to prepare for the tests I planned to take. After patiently waiting for it to come, opening it was quite the let down. It is nothing but sample questions that do nothing to help someone actually prepare for the test. Don't bother buying this, buy an individual book on each test with actual study material. This is NOT a study guide, it is a waste of money.

  • fitfemme89 - awesome product!!!

    Love this product!!! The only thing that will keep me full all day long! Easy to swallow and had no after taste! Will keep buying this

  • USAZbooks - Kaplan PSAT

    Bought the book 12 weeks prior to the 2012 PSAT in October, my son has completed all the tests including the diagnostic test. It's really rather good test prep, he has consistently between 202 and 217, so I feel the tests are consistent and a fair reflection to the 'real' CB PSAT.

  • Kevin - Made my own. It worked. Will Never Play it Again

    Never bought this, but.... 26 years ago my friends and I made our own according to whatever specifications it has to be.

  • ANTONIO D. PASCO - A real sweet talker but I noticed it was a scam

    This product key has been linked to a unknown company that claims and lured me to purchase their product before I can install the software> I was told that something's wrong with my computer and offered to to fix the problem so they can install the software. Their telephone number is 888-539-0406 and have an Indian accent. A real sweet talker but I noticed it was a scam.