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  • shaun menestrina - Surfers BEWARE

    I was very proud of this safe and I thought I loved it, UNTIL yesterday. The safe was easily compromised as a thief hammer wedged something right into it, obtaining my keys and unlocking my glove box where my wallet was. He then proceeded to go on a $600 shopping spree while I was enjoying my surf. Thank goodness he did not steal my truck.

  • Elizabeth Mellinger - A wonderful stroller!!

    I purchased this stroller for my daughter and her baby!! It's a great stroller! Beautiful and lightweight!

  • gofishavon - Don't waste your money on T25

    At best it's half a workout. Workouts are repetitive from Insanity but not nearly as intense. If you need weight loss, this program simply doesn't burn enough calories. You would need to drastically cut calories to meet the weight loss claims and you can do that without spending the money on this disappointing program. My wife and I have done P90X (great), Insanity (OK), Pump (great) and various Jillian (OK) workouts and they are all better than T25. This is the Sensa of Beach Body programs. Plus Shaun T's uninformed knowledge of exercise physiology is just maddening. No, I am not working my obliques by simply turning to my left. The "weightlifting" is pathetic. We patiently waited for it to get better but after 5 weeks of Alpha and one week of Beta it just doesn't work. If you have Insanity, just do it over. You'll save the money and get a better workout.

  • Cousin Vinny - Easy to set up and connectivity is excellent.

    Before buying it, I researched modems at my cable provider's website and found that this modem is one of many that are recommended by my cable company. And, Amazon's price on it is outstanding. Set-up was ridiculously easy and it took roughly 10 minutes time on the phone with my cable company to register the modem and activate it on my cable account. This modem is small - a good thing - comes with a Cat6 RJ45 cable and so far, my connectivity has been excellent. Response time on the internet is much faster than it was with my old modem, a Surfboard SB6120. I don't game online and I do only modest streaming of Amazon Free With Prime videos to my Fire tablet. But, I can tell just from surfing the web that this modem is much faster.

  • Harmony - Rabbit TV SCAM

    I found Rabbit TV to be one of the oldest yet most cleaver con's conceivable. This scam was almost as good as the tic removal kit being marketed some years ago. The tic removal kit was simply a small vile with an alcohol saturated piece of cotton and a top, the tweezers were your responsibility, millions were made. I purchased the Rabbit TV kit at my local drugstore but before opening the package I scanned the label on the back with my cell phone. I must admit it was not surprising to find that Rabbit TV would in fact NOT replace my cable. After reading most of the reviews, I watched a video of the product, ( and took one of the consumer reviewers advice which was one word, "GOOGLE". If I could give this thing no stars then I would be telling the whole truth. I returned the unopened package to the merchant for a full refund. Buyer Beware, there is never any mercy from crooks especially in a failing economy.

  • Shadow Music - DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT

    Do not buy this product. I have tried various brands of refilled laser cartridges but they were not available in my last order, so I ordered these based on the reviews I read which were good. Perhaps I just got a bad batch. I have used it for about 25 pages, then ran into trouble and had to shake it - then it was good for 6 more pages. Now, just over 30 pages and I can't print with it at all. Unfortunately I ordered three of them so this is a total waste of 60$. Judging from the reviews, you may be lucky with this product - but you may also be pouring money down the drain.