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CSGOSTRONG – All In Bets Roulette! – Searcher Casino - Each weekend tournament will have 25 points up for grabs, and the team that finishes the series with the most points will automatically qualify to compete against the top North American CS:GO Teams in the on June 20-21, 2015 also hosted by CEVO. Qualifier 1 will begin with a Preliminary Qualifier bracket on Saturday, May 30th 128 team double elimination bracket from which the top 8 teams will qualify to compete against the 8 invited teams in the Championship Qualifier bracket on Sunday, May 31st 16 team double elimination bracket. About ESWC: The Electronic Sports World Cup is a worldwide competition of video games starting locally with national qualifying to end with a World Final gathering all the cyber athletes and designed as a live show.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • anonymous - Product support is a joke

    I've used webroot for several years now and sad to say the customer service and tech assistance is horrible. I've spent too much time for something that should be understandable. Nothing has changed since the install of the last edition and they have even been linked to my computer and saw everything that I have seen and ask me to describe it again. Fine ok you don't understand your product when you need to fine give me another keycode and see if it will register. I have spent a week and dont know how much time waiting on the phone and sending replies back and forth. The last conversation was where they assured me that it would be 20 minutes and i would have my code show up on the account. All the time I have spent on this would've paid for the product if I was on the clock.

  • Kt Lee - Great movie!

    This was a fantastic movie! It was nice including both believers and skeptics, in order to keep things balanced. The two couples making this documentary have great, corky personalities, and I look forward to watching more documentaries from them! Their chemistry is great and I enjoyed every minute! This was well put together and entertaining! I also like that it exposed some of the garbage that passes as legit investigations! I couldn't stop cracking up at #ghostdouches (you'll have to watch to get the reference)! Anyhow, I highly recommend this flick!

  • TheTruth - No maca in these Pills

    So I was one of those consumers who brought 2 bottles instead of 1 from here, paying a total price of $177.00 (this includes shipping and handling as well). However upon purchasing them, I realized why they essentially did not work: THESE PILLS ON AMAZON are NOT BNB 2.0 and Do NOT CONTAIN MACA ROOT....the essential ingredient in this product. If you want results, buy from the actual Cetrolabs website. These are overpriced and will give you no results. Nuff said.

  • Gadsdan - or the one recommend which usually includes a mouse and keyboard for rather ...

    Most people probably take their keyboard for granted. They use the one that came with their computer, or the one recommend which usually includes a mouse and keyboard for rather cheap. It is a basic item that everyone using a computer needs, but many don’t put much thought in to.

  • Jessica B. - great product

    I am giving this four stars only because of the cost of the product. Otherwise, it would get 5 stars. These probiotic capsules are essential to maintain vaginal health! If you suffer from BV or chronic yeast infections... I highly recommend this product. Constantly taking the flagyl and diflucan pills only messes up your PH levels and kills off the "good" and "bad" bacteria at the same time... It will not make you feel better and you will get a reoccuring infection over time. Please start taking these pills once daily or once every other day (now that Im back in check,I take one pill about 3 to 4 times weekly and I seem to stay balanced.