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  • tommyb - wish i hadn't wasted my money

    bought this for our trip this summer. only used it the first few days, as the interface is awkward, the search is clunky, and it is inferior to the google maps app on my phone. wish i hadn't wasted my money.

  • Bacon - It's alright, but takes practice

    Ok, so I tried the free sample. Yes I gave them my CC#. At first I was bad at it, but I got better. Results weren't terrible, but you also can't do it while your'e hair is damp at all or it will clump. Nor can you be in a room with high humidity while applying it or it will just float away and not land on your head. It creates a mess in the sink and you have to wipe off your hairline after you apply it or you will have black spots on your face. If it rains hard, it will clump on your head so take an umbrella (found out the hard way). And if you look really close, even on a good day it looks like little dots on your head. It makes your pillow dirty.

  • Amazon Customer - Should Not Be Allowed To Be Sold

    Like nearly all of the reviews written on this item - it is terrible stuff! We successfully used Swifter wood floor cleaner for years. No cloudy areas, no pet scratch marks - we should have left well enough alone. Seeing the commercials on TV we decided to five Rejuvenate a try. Like the other users, it looked very good when first applied. Then reality set in - cloudy areas and pet scratch set in. Reading the other reviews it sounds like it is a terrible ordeal getting rid of this stuff. There needs to be a lot more product liability involving this junk and holding Rejuvenate responsible for a lousy product. We are going to see if there is any class action law suit that is up and running involving Home Depot and Rejuvenate that we can join in on - or start one ourselves. The idea this company can restrict their liability to the cost of the product alone is ludicrous - they have much more exposure when they ruin peoples floors! At least they should have a stripper one can use to get their crap off of floors.

  • Shieldknight01 - Put all your recipes at the touch of your fingers

    Does a wonderful job of allowing you to customize your cookbooks. The hardest thing is typing in new recipes, but that's made even easier by the import feature.

  • Ravin Lunatic - THE BEST

    I am a 62-yr old ex-worshipper of the sun and paying the price now. Three years ago I developed some kind of rash on my arms and around the same time my lips began to peel and crack. They would be fine for a few days then break out for several days and it would go away. Then it stayed...and stayed...and I was miserable and embarrassed! I have no clue what was happening, but after trying many things, I couldn't find any relief for my lips. I was constantly applying lip creams which would help for a minute or less. Then, I developed deep lines like those of a smoker. Finally I tried Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair and the relief was instant! My lips have not been dry or cracked ever since! They look great! I tried this product because the website "Consumer Research" said 100% of testers had results in a couple of days. Three days later and I am so jazzed with the results!

  • Lisa Kay - The bomb!

    Just want to let you know this product is the bomb! We bought a new house over a year ago and I have been researching and trying floor care products ever since. I have natural or light stained oak floors with a urethane finish. When we moved in they were very glossy, but over time they seemed to dull. I clean and vacuum often so they weren't dirty. My neighbors thought the finish was beautiful but I knew what they looked like on move in day. Today I tried Quick Shine and I am SO please. I only had time to apply one coat but the difference is very noticeable. Application was quick and easy. If you are looking for that wet or glossy look this is the product for you!

  • Steph - The questions and rationales are useful and this book is worth purchasing if that is ...

    This book was only helpful for QUESTIONS. If you are looking for a content review, this is not the book for you. It gives a brief overview of some content that will be covered, but it is more of an outline and then questions following each section. The questions and rationales are useful and this book is worth purchasing if that is what you are looking for. I passed NCLEX with 75 questions- the key is doing the questions, remediating the questions (figuring out why you picked the incorrect/correct answer) and then looking up any information you do not know. I took a KAPLAN course through my school and found that the questions online are better than a book for me personally, but that is because I am used to answering questions on the computer (and NCLEX is on a computer!).